Hafal provides a variety of services across Wales, including:

Activities for Service Users and Carers:

A range of activities – recreational, educational and social – for both clients and carers.

Housing Support:

Hafal’s outreach tenancy and floating housing support provides flexible assistance to people with serious mental illness, enabling them to maintain their tenancies. We also provide 24-Hour High Dependency Housing – dedicated, higher-need accommodation where staff is available around the clock to give support to tenants.

Resource Centres:

Hafal provides venues for various activities where people can also access information via the Internet and other means.

Drop-in Centres:

We operate a number of drop-in centres, which are locally-run and less formal venues for arranged activity and support. Many Centres offer Lunch Clubs and Weekend Clubs.

Employment Training:

A number of Hafal projects are designed to enable people to prepare for the world of work. Clients get supported employment training, and experience a work situation without being exposed to the stresses and strains that the workplace can often hold.


To relieve isolation and build social contacts, our trained volunteers work alongside clients to use community facilities.

Arts projects:

Hafal’s Arts Projects use all forms of art to aid social inclusion and development of self-worth.

Inpatient Advocacy:

This involves working with female inpatients as individuals and in a group on a variety of relevant areas.

Family Support and Advocacy:

We work closely with carers and family members, helping them support an individual with a serious mental health illness in the most appropriate and effective way possible, largely by providing them with the best advice and information, and access to neutral support.

Carers Respite Service:

This service engages a person being cared for in an activity of their choice, enabling their carer to take a break.


For information on the services available in your area, please visit our local services page and click on your county.

Matthew Pearce Head of Communications