Peri-Natal Training


Hafal has produced a Peri-natal Mental Health training pack based on a course which we recently delivered. This pack is available as a free download for NHS Wales and Welsh Local Authority staff.

The course covers the following:-

  • Understanding serious mental illness in the peri-natal period
  • Following cases through, the importance of information sharing, multi-agency working and good communication
  • Strategies and interventions to use on a day to day basis.
  • Understanding from the lived experience of individuals.

Please note that in order to deliver the course in an effective way the trainer needs to have a good understanding of peri-natal mental health. Hafal staff may be available to deliver the course on request, although there would be a charge for this. For more information please get in touch.

Organisations should review the materials to ensure they meet the needs of their workforce but there is no charge for the use of the materials for the above agencies.

To request the training pack please email Hafal providing your details.

Matt Pearce