International Women

On March 11th mental health charity Hafal staged an InternationalWomen’s Day event at the Assembly to celebrate the achievements ofwomen in Wales who have worked to recover from serious mental illness…

Gwenda Thomas AM, Deputy Minister for Health and Carers Champion forWales, launched the Assembly-funded event which took place atCrickhowell House between 12 and 2pm.

International Women’sDay is a global day connecting all women around the world and inspiringthem to achieve their full potential. The Assembly event broughttogether female service users and carers from across Wales to deliver apositive message about the ability of women to overcome obstacles andimprove their health.

JJ Hatton, a Hafal client from Swansea,said: “This is a really significant event for people like me. It meanswe can talk face-to-face with AMs and tell them about the big stepswomen are taking to overcome illness and lead more fulfilled lives.

“Thereare lots of issues facing us as women. We often have to run thehousehold and we are more likely to be in lower paid work. More thanseventy-five per cent of carers are women, and more women than men haveillnesses such as depression.

“But by focusing on achievablegoals and taking steps towards recovery women in Wales are rising tothe challenge. More and more women in Wales are taking control of theirlives, partly thanks to the support of charities like Hafal.”

Speakingat the event, Gwenda Thomas AM said: “Although themes for InternationalWomen’s Day may differ from place to place, it provides us all with theopportunity to come together and reflect on the achievements of womenover the years.

“It gives us the opportunity to recognise womenof many cultures who have overcome great adversity in their lives – wemust listen and engage if we are to meet the needs of all communitiesin Wales.”

Above, L-R: Welsh Assembly Government Carers’ Champion Gwenda ThomasAM, Trish Law AM and Eleanor Burnham AM at Hafal’s INternationalWomen’s Day event at Crickhowell House.