Hafal launches Mair’s Manifesto for the 2019 General Election

Welsh charity Hafal has launched Mair’s Manifesto for the forthcoming 2019 General Election which calls on people in Wales to “Vote for Mental Health!”.

In the Manifesto Hafal Chair Mair Elliott identifies key issues which mental health service users and carers want candidates from all parties to address including:

  • Benefits: delivering a fair system that affords people who cannot work a decent quality of life
  • Employment: giving people with a mental illness the support they need to retain or return to work
  • Criminal justice: ensuring that people with serious mental illness in the criminal justice system receive the support they need
  • The Mental Health Act: delivering a new Act with patient rights at its core – and giving Wales the powers to create its own Act.

Launching the Manifesto, Mair said: “Even though this year’s election is dominated by discussions about Brexit, and even though health matters are devolved to the National Assembly, there are some other key issues for people with a mental illness and their carers which are addressed by Parliament. These include: benefits, employment, criminal justice and the Mental Health Act.

“As someone who has experienced mental illness personally, and as someone who represents thousands of patients and carers across Wales affected by mental health issues, I’m calling on candidates from all parties to explicitly pledge their support for better mental health.

“And I’m not just asking for a general and vague commitment to improving the nation’s mental health. I’ve had enough of empty promises from politicians. What I want are concrete pledges to support the actions identified in our Manifesto which would have a tangible impact on our lives.”

Read Hafal’s 2019 Election Manifesto