Hafal launches election manifesto

Welsh mental health charity Hafal has launched its 2017 election manifesto which calls on people in Wales to “Vote for Mental Health!”.

The manifesto identifies important issues which mental health service users and carers want candidates to address including:

  • Benefits: delivering a fair system that affords people who cannot work a decent quality of life
  • Employment: giving people with a mental illness the support they need to retain or return to work
  • Criminal justice: ensuring that people with serious mental illness in the criminal justice system receive the support they need.

Head of Communications Matt Pearce said: “Even though health is devolved to the National Assembly for Wales, there are still some key matters for people with a mental illness and their carers which are addressed by Parliament. So there’s a lot at stake in this election.

“Our advice to fellow service users and carers is to talk to local candidates about any local or national issues that are important to you. The Hafal Manifesto can help with this – it sets out some of the questions that we should be asking our candidates such as: how will you ensure that the benefits system is fair? And what are you doing about people with a mental illness being held in prison?

“The most important thing is that service users and carers use their vote and get their voice heard!”

Read Hafal’s 2017 Election Manifesto