James Tudor Foundation funds Hafal to support mental health carers

The James Tudor Foundation has awarded Hafal nearly £6000 to fund its national campaigning and information work for mental health carers in 2016-17. This is ongoing funding which build on the successful work completed in 2014-16.

The James Tudor Foundation grant will contribute to our National Carers Lead role and will support a wide range of work including:-

  • National campaigning to raise awareness among mental health carers of their rights
  • A dedicated mental health carers’ webpage resource
  • Key information on carer’s assessments
  • A Carers’ Rights Day publication
  • Two National Mental Health Carers’ Forum meetings
  • Direct support for carers engaging with Hafal networks throughout Wales
  • Training and information
  • The promotion of carers’ views at both local and national level, including at National Service User and Carer Forums held throughout Wales.

For more information on our work with mental health carers visit: https://www.hafal.org/services/carers/

Hafal and its partners are supporting a national carer-led campaign in 2016 – The BIG Carers’ Tea Break – which will give mental health carers across Wales the opportunity to meet up and enjoy afternoon tea, have a chat and provide mutual support to fellow carers.