Hafal announces it will continue to pay staff Living Wage

Welsh mental health charity Hafal has announced that it will continue to meet the UK’s voluntary Living Wage, as promoted by the Living Wage Foundation campaign group. This has just been increased by 40p to £8.25 per hour.

Hafal has always paid the Living Wage and will continue to do so with the new rate being implemented from 1st November 2015.

Announcing Hafal’s continued commitment, Hafal’s Chief Executive Alun Thomas said: “Hafal’s Trustees are keen to ensure that, as in previous years, Hafal will pay a Living Wage to all its employees working in its 70 projects across Wales.

“Hafal continues to recognise that it has an extremely strong and dedicated staff team. The Living Wage recognises the complexity of the work and the skill set of our staff – and also their care and compassion.”

The idea behind the Living Wage is that a person should be paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. At its heart is an ethical argument for preventing in-work poverty and ensuring workers are not exploited through low wages.

UNISON, which is campaigning for fair wages for its members, has welcomed Hafal’s commitment to the Living Wage. Denise Charles, the UNISON convenor for Hafal, said: “I would like to thank Hafal’s Trustee Officers for continuing to support our Members. “In this particularly austere climate, as the branch for the community and voluntary sector, we are seeing increasing attacks on members’ terms and conditions. Our sector is becoming the hardest hit, with the current trend of outsourcing, and lack of funding.

“UNISON works closely with Hafal and we recognise their commitment to ensuring staff receive a Living Wage. To provide a Living Wage while still protecting members’ terms and conditions is very welcome, and it sends a message to our members that they are valued.”

Announcing the new rate, Sarah Vero, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: “These employers are not waiting for Government to tell them what to do; their actions are helping to end the injustice that is in-work poverty in the UK now.”




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