Recovery Awareness Training

The changes to the Mental Health Act 1983 which came into force in 2007 were followed by the first ever Welsh Code of Practice to the Act. The emphasis on accessible and understandable holistic care planning demands a positive, person centred approach as pointed out in chapter 14 of the code,

14.5 “Assessment, care and treatment should draw upon the patients Strengths, seeking their recovery and the reestablishment of their independence as soon as is safely practicable.”

As the principal organisation in Wales working with people recovering from serious mental illness we have a wealth of knowledge, experience and success in supporting our service users in achieving recovery through their own personalised recovery programme.

At Hafal’s National Learning Centre the training staff includes our Expert Patient Trainers who can bring their own experience of living with mental illness and managing recovery to our recovery training courses. The bespoke recovery training we offer is designed to deliver the change you require in staff and services.

For more information contact the National Learning Centre.