Mental Health Awareness for the Workplace

Aim of this session:

To improve the understanding of mental illness/well-being and how it affects the




·         To raise awareness of mental illness in the population.

·         To challenge the general beliefs, myths, facts and understanding of mental illness

·         To develop support and encouragement of those coping with a mental illness in the

·         work place.




“Good overview with excellent tips on how to manage mental illness in the workplace.

Knowledgeable speakers.” (S.W., Senior HR Adviser, WG)

“It was helpful to have an expert external perspective on our range of policies and supports.” (G.O., HR Adviser)

“I think that this course would be very useful for line managers of all levels.” (C.G., HR Adviser – Health)

“I will now be more adept in supporting managers with the info and insight gained on this course.”(S.M., HR Adviser)

“I found the session really useful and the ‘personal experience’ section really insightful.” (R.I., Staff Support Manager – Occupational Health, WG)

“Outstanding and innovative approach.” (R.J., Occupational Health Physician)


For more information contact the National Learning Centre.

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