Where can I get help?

IMPORTANT! Please read the page on How can I get a talking therapy? before making use of the contacts detailed below.

We strongly recommend that you discuss with your GP and/or Care Coordinator before contacting therapists directly; it is also important to understand how talking therapies may or may not be paid for by the NHS – again, we recommend that you discuss this first with your GP or Care Coordinator. More information on this can be found here How can I get a talking therapy? Link

Please note that the Let’s Talk National Observatory will be developing this contacts list further to include specific local services – and you are welcome to tip us off about what you find available in your area!

Key contacts


The Let’s Talk team

Let’s Talk!
Hafal Head Office
Unit B3
Lakeside Technology Park
Phoenix Way
Swansea  SA7 9FE

Tel: 10792 816600
Email: hafal@hafal.org