Hafal Chair Elin Jones talks #DeedsNotWords with Presiding Officer Elin Jones AM at Eisteddfod event

To mark the centenary of women gaining the vote, Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales Elin Jones AM will discuss women’s influence on politics, today and yesterday, with Hafal Chair Dr. Elin Jones at an Eisteddfod event which takes place at 12pm tomorrow (8th August).

During the talk Hafal’s Chair will discuss our 2018 campaign – “#DeedsNotWords” – which is urging ten actions to address the mental health issues facing women in Wales today, and especially those who are most vulnerable and at risk.

In the discussion Elin will also talk about:

  • The Suffragettes and Suffragists context, referring to Margaret Haig Thomas – Lady Rhondda – one of Wales’ most prominent Suffragettes, but also a business woman and Chair of a number of companies.
  • The Welsh women who have exerted great influence – especially in politics – over the past century.
  • How women’s rights and their role in politics have evolved over the last century.

Elin will also be taking part in a discussion at the Senedd on Friday, 10th August at 1.00pm: “Women in Marble. Cardiff: who next?” The Women’s Archive Wales event will see five historians champion five women who should be commemorated with a statue in our capital city.

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Matt Pearce