Hafal plays major role in new study on service users’ and carers’ research priorities

Hafal has played a key role in a new study which looks into service users’ and carers’ research priorities for health.

The project is the result of continued collaboration between members of the Service User and Carer Research Partnership (who are based in Wales and supported by the National Centre for Mental Health), Health and Care Research Wales, and Hafal.

The study saw service users and carers from across Wales exploring what they think research into their health services should focus on. The findings from this work will help to influence the work of the National Centre for Mental Health Research Partnership Group as well as researchers and health professionals and others who concentrate on mental health research.

Christine Wilson, Hafal’s Senior Consultant in Research and Education who took a leading role in conducting the study, said: “Involving people in health research is increasingly recognised as being important to make sure that research is focused more on the needs of people who use health services. At present, ideas about what should be researched most often comes from researchers and/or health professionals like doctors and nurses rather than people with a lived experience of mental illness.

“The research identified two key priority areas for research: developing the knowledge of mental health issues amongst school-aged children, and developing education as a tool for recovery. In addition, participants engaged in a notable discussion on how carers supported during the recovery of the person for whom they care.”

Click here to view the research paper.

Matthew Pearce Head of Communications