Hafal’s new Gellinudd Recovery Centre welcomes visitors from Taiwan!


Cpb4xbGXEAEealK.jpg large 3 2Dr Shu-Jen Chen is an Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology and is a PhD graduate from Cardiff University. On Tuesday August 9th 2016 we were delighted to welcome Shu-Jen to the Gellinudd Recovery Centre along with four of her students: Huang Chia Chen, Yang Chia Hao, Chia Chin and Yang Yi-Ching. Drs Aled Jones and Ben Hannigan from the School of Healthcare Sciences at Cardiff University were also present, along with Alys Jones who is an undergraduate student of mental health nursing at Cardiff.

All eight visitors were very impressed by the plans for the new Recovery Centre, and appreciated its location and the values which underpin it. Shu-Jen particularly noted the language used at the Centre (where people staying will be referred to as ‘guests’), and by the strong service user-led ethos.  Aled and Ben look forward to visiting again when the Centre officially opens on World Mental Health Day (October 10th 2016).

The visit concluded with further discussions at Hafal HQ about the ongoing work across Wales which Hafal is undertaking and planning for the future. Shu-Jen commented that the third sector in Taiwan was not as active in delivering and supporting services compared to what she was seeing of Hafal’s work in Wales. The students were particularly delighted to receive packs of information produced by Hafal as well as a few gifts and mementos that will remind all of this informative visit.